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Info/ Contact

Alessandra is a San Francisco based editorial and commercial photographer, available for projects worldwide. 

She is known for being extremely enthusiastic, inspired, warm and collaborative, and she approaches each project and client with genuine interest and great commitment. Her photographs are expressive and vibrant, and at the same time, clean and sofisticated.

Alessandra is the author of "Shooting with Soul : 44 Photography Exercises Exploring Life, Beauty, and Self-Expression", published by Quarry Books/ Quarto Publishing in Dec 2013. So far, thousands of copies have been sold, and there are some glorious Amazon reviews out there to boot! The book has also recently been translated to Polish! 

Alessandra's love affair with image-making goes back to her childhood in Brazil. From her early chilhood drawings to studying fine arts, photography, and film, Alessandra has breathed and lived images all her life. In the early nineties, she worked at Kodak's Professional Imaging Dept helping to launch their very first digital products, and organizing events to educate photographers in the emerging digital media at the time. Continuing that journey, she moved to the US in 1995, to delve deeper into the unlimited potential of pairing Art with Technology. She studied Fine Arts, got a Masters in Computer Art at Savannah College of Art and Design, and moved to California to work in the Film industry. Over the last 15+ years, she's worked as a visual effects and animation producer, and gathered a long list of major motion pictures under her belt. She has negotiated and managed budgets in the tens of millions, produced alongside oscar-winning Hollywood directors and studio executives, and delivered some of today's most challenging visual effects projects on schedule and budget. One of Alessandra's biggest strengths is that she sees and captures images like an artist, while she plans and delivers like a producer. 


Alessandra is also a stylist and she owns a sizeable collection of props and trinkets for photoshoots - Most of the work on this website was both styled and photographed by her. She has trained under the mentorship of some of today’s most sought out photographers and stylists: Beth Kirby (photographer, stylist, and chef), Aran Goyoaga (photographer, stylist and chef),  Luisa Brimble, Erin Kunkel, Trinett ReedSweet Paul Magazine (Paul Lowe, photographer and chef), etc. 


Alessandra is currently experimenting with motion. Please inquire about her avilability to shoot video for selected projects.


For collaborations and inquiries, please feel free to contact her directly via email:


"Alex is fantastic to work with- she is intuitive and proactive, sensitive and astute. As a photographer, I rely on photo assistants to be my support system, and I appreciate Alex's ability to be adaptable and good natured. Her background in production, as well as her strength as a photographer and storyteller, enable Alex to anticipate my needs, and to work well with clients. She is great!" Erin Kunkel

"If I was given just one word to describe Alex (which would be an impossible task!), it would be heart. It’s at the center of who she is & everything she does. I have had the privilege & honor of working with her as a photography teacher at our Makerie creative retreat & she is that precious & rare mix of an abundantly talented artist & a fabulous, nurturing leader. I have seen first hand how Alex inspired & elevated her students in their photography journey through her beautiful workshops by not only sharing her own gifts, but by guiding her students to find theirs & illuminating that uniqueness into their work. It was pure joy working with Alex & she is such an absolute treasure to the Makerie family!" ~ Ali DeJohn, Makerie founder

"It is truly hard for me to express in words how magnificently talented Alessandra Cave is. Her keen eye, her savvy business sense and are all-around talent have been essential to Plum Pretty Sugar. Her images have created not only an energy and a look for the brand, but a real sense of growth and opportunity. She worked diligently and beautifully from pre-production to post, in charge of location, stylists, models and assistants. As much as she produces works of art, Alessandra herself is also truly artful. Her work has directly increased Plum Pretty Sugar’s business exponentially, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Her work is a gift and an amazing talent and joy to work with." Charlotte Mills - Plum Pretty Sugar Designer & CEO. 

"Alex has a great attitude, she is eager to learn and is happy to help do whatever needs to be done on a shoot." Trinette Reed


Regular columnist for Digital Photo Magazine (online and print).

Editorial: Uppercase Magazine, Spirituality and Health Magazine, Thames & Hudson (Encore: The new Artisans), Stampington & Company (various titles and issues), Digital Photo Magazine (various issues), Quarto Publishing, etc.

Commercial: Plum Pretty Sugar, Holly Stalder, Crown and Crumpet, Wrap up Africa, The Makerie, Explore Create Discover, Diana Fayt ceramics, etc.

Stock Images are represented by Offset